TAN PHONG PROMOTION provides voice services for media companies.

At TAN PHONG PROMOTION, we always emphasize the three core elements of the voice-over service, including the voice-over function of the actors in the film; The dubbing technique is perfectly matched to the character's voice; and vocal expressions faithful to the nuance of the script. All of these elements make up the true tone of the character's voice.

TAN PHONG PROMOTION provides voice for animated video, feature films, animated films, television series, documentaries, commercials and online video content…
Voice for e-games, e-Learning software, business introduction software, training videos and advertising films.

In addition, we regularly recruit new voices to ensure the diversity of voices, so that we can meet the needs of our customers.

Customers can contact us to choose voice actors and control the whole production process.

TAN PHONG PROMOTION offers a comprehensive and complete solution for voice services. From screen adaptation to voice selection, director, recording and mixing, we provide our customers with full-featured dubbing services as well as full-service dubbing.


Starting from script to meticulously crafted voices – and ending as a complete professional work.

Giving out the perfect project that pleased our customers to every pitch, volume or timbre.

The target of TAN PHONG PROMOTION is:

Making a same service with a competitive price in the market.

Flexible to meet the actual needs of customers.



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